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Flange Pressure Reducing Valve E Type



Material:Brass,Copper Alloy Size:2 1/2" Working pressure:20bar Max.Inlet Pressure:20 bar Body Test: 30bar Delivery Time:15days~30days



pressure reducing valve


Flange Pressure Reducing Valve


Detailed introduction

pressure reducing valve

Flanged pressure reducing valves are Wet-barrel fire hydrants for use in water-supply service outdoor areas where the climate is mild and freezing temperatures do not occur. The pressure valve has screw one and flange one.Fitting with pipe and assemble on the wall or in the fire cabinet, the entire interior of the hydrant is subjected to water pressure at all times.

Flange pressure reducing valves typically consist of a valve body with flanged connections on both ends, allowing it to be easily installed into a flanged piping system.   They often include an adjustable spring-loaded mechanism that controls the valve's opening and closing based on the desired downstream pressure setting.

These valves are commonly used in industrial applications where precise control of fluid pressure is required, such as in water treatment plants, manufacturing facilities, and process industries.   They help protect downstream equipment and ensure consistent and safe operation of the overall system by limiting the pressure to an acceptable level.

● Material:Brass
● Inlet: 2.5” BS 4504 / 2.5” table E /2.5” ANSI 150#
● Outlet:2.5” female BS instantaneous
● Working pressure:20bar
● Test pressure: Body test at 30bar

Processing Steps:
Drawing-Mold-Casting-CNC Maching-Assembly-testing-Quality Inspection-Packing

Flanged pressure reducing valve is a water supply facility connected with fire-fighting system network outside building. It is used to supply water for fire engines from municipal water supply network or outdoor water network where no danger of Vehicle accidents or freezing atmospheres. It is better to be used in malls, shopping centers, colleges, hospitals, etc. It can also be connected to nozzles to prevent fire.

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