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Fire Hose Reel



Material:Brass Inlet:3/4”&1” Outlet:25m&30m Working pressure:10bar Test pressure:16bar Coating:Paint Coated Nozzle : 1″ Brass Jet/Spray Nozzle


Detailed introduction

Fire Hose Reel

Fire hose reels are a device used to store and deploy a length of fire hose for firefighting purposes.   It typically consists of a cylindrical drum with a length of hose wound around it, and a nozzle or valve to control the flow of water.   In the event of a fire, the hose can be quickly pulled out from the reel and connected to a water supply to deliver water to fight the fire.   Fire hose reels are an essential component of fire safety equipment in many buildings. Fire hose reels can be used without alternation for manufacturing with inlet to left/right or top/bottom of the hose reel.   This gives highest flexibility to suit an extensive range of architectural and installation requirements and makes it easy to install.


Inlet : 3/4",1″
Hose Size : 20m-30m

Nozzle : 1″ Brass Jet/Spray Nozzle

Working Pressure : 10 bar

Test Pressure:16 bar

Coating:Paint Coated

Packing Size:58*58*30cm


Hose Reels can widely be used in indoor application such as in most commercial, industrial and public buildings as they can be operated by the building owners, occupants, tenants and the fifire brigade as a first response to a small developing fire. 

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