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Co2 Fire Extinguisher



Material:SK45 Size:1kgs/2kgs/3kgs/4kgs/5kgs/6kgs/9kgs/12kgs Working pressure:174-150bar Test pressure: 250bar Net Weight:22kgs Gross Weight:23kgs Delivery Time:15days~30days


co2 fire extinguisher


co2 as fire extinguisher


Detailed introduction

Co2 Fire Extinguisher

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers work by using the properties of carbon dioxide gas to extinguish flames. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas that has a high degree of compressibility and low temperature. When a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is used, the compressed carbon dioxide gas is quickly released and forms a fog-like jet that removes oxygen from around the flame and thus extinguishes the source of the fire.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers have many advantages over other fire extinguishers. First, it doesn't leave any residue or chemicals behind, so it doesn't need to be cleaned up after extinguishing the fire. Second, carbon dioxide extinguishers can quickly extinguish the flames, reducing the risk of the fire spreading. In addition, it is also suitable for extinguishing fires in electrical equipment, because carbon dioxide is not conductive and will not cause damage to electrical appliances.


Working pressure:174-150bar
Test pressure: 250bar

Packing Size:50*15*15
Units per Export Carton:1 pcs
Net Weight:22kgs
Gross Weight:23kgs


Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are a common type of firefighting equipment used to extinguish and control fires. It is an efficient and reliable tool used in a wide variety of places, including homes, offices, factories and commercial buildings.


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