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Single Hose gate valve



Material:Brass Inlet:2-1/2" NPT,3" NPT Out:2-1/2"NH W.Pressure: 20 bar (300 psi) Surface: Rough / polished / chrome plated Delivery Time:15days~30days



Single Hose gate valve


fire hose gate valve


gate valve


hose gate valve


Detailed introduction

Single Hose Gate Valve

Function:  The straight hose gate valve is commonly used as an outlet connection for fire hoses in dry standpipe systems, as a test connection for fire pumps, or as part of a roof manifold control unit.

Design:  Similar to the single hydrant gate valve, it also features a straightway pattern for the flow of water.   The valve is usually equipped with a non-rising stem and a solid wedge disc for effective flow control and sealing.

Application: This type of valve is typically found in dry standpipe systems, where the pipes are not filled with water until needed during a fire event.   It is also used for fire pump testing and controlling water flow in roof manifold systems.


Features and Specification

Inlet:2-1/2" NPT,3" NPT
W.Pressure:300 psi
Surface: Rough / polished / chrome plated

Feature: Straightway, NPT inlet

Available Size

Single Hose gate valveSingle Hose gate valve

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