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Ductile Iron Flange Silent Check Valve



Product Origin:China Shipping Port:Xiamen Lead Time:15-20days Payment:TT, LC Size::DN50 - DN200 Material::Ductile Iron Working Pressure::1.6MPa Type::Silent Check Valve



silent check valve


flange check valve


flange type check valve


Detailed introduction

Ductile Iron Flange Silent Check Valve

* Silent Check Valves are designed to prevent water hammer in multi-story buildings and for use in vertical turbine pump installations when pumping from a well to an elevated reservoir. Silent Check Valves are recommended for commercial and industrial HVAC applications such as heating systems and condensate return lines. The valve closes silently, is low in cost, reliable and requires no regular maintenance. When the pump stops, the spring forces disc closed against slight pump head at zero velocity which results in silent closure.

* The Flange Silent Check Valve is an essential component designed to ensure reliable and efficient flow control in various industrial applications. With its innovative design and superior performance, this check valve provides optimal functionality while minimizing noise and vibration.

* Crafted with precision engineering, the Flange Silent Check Valve offers exceptional durability and longevity. It features a flanged connection, allowing for secure and reliable installation in pipeline systems. The robust construction and high-quality materials ensure resistance to corrosion and wear, even in demanding environments.

* The unique selling point of the Flange Silent Check Valve lies in its silent operation. It incorporates specialized mechanisms, such as spring-loaded discs or hinged plates, that allow for silent closing and prevent water hammer, reducing noise and vibrations in the piping system

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