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Water Pressure Release Valve For Fire Fighting



Product Origin:China Shipping Port:Xiamen Lead Time:15-20days Payment:TT, LC Size::DN100 - DN250 Material::Ductile Iron Working Pressure::1.6MPa Type::Pressure Release Valve



water pressure release valve


water heater pressure release valve


Detailed introduction


Water Pressure Release Valve for Fire Fighting

* The valve consists of the main valve and outside installed control pilot valve, mainly installed in the bypass of the protected water supply system in the building, guarantee the pressure of the main valve upstream water supply zone, when the pressure in the water supply pipe exceeds the pressure set by the pressure releasing valve, the pressure releasing valve is switched on to prevent pipeline and equipment from damage by pressure exceeding. This valve is mainly used in pressure releasing of the fire test circulation system in high-rise buildings, is the upgrade replacement product of the spring safety valve.

* A water pressure release valve, also known as a pressure relief valve or safety valve, is a device used to control and release excess pressure in a water system.   It is an important safety feature that helps protect the system from damage caused by excessive pressure buildup.

* Water pressure release valves are commonly used in various applications, including plumbing systems, water heaters, boilers, and fire suppression systems.   They are designed to maintain the system's pressure within safe operating limits and protect the components from potential failure due to excessive pressure.


1)Reasonable and novel structure, reasonable use of the hydraulic principle to control.

2)Long service life.
3)Valve clack quick opening and slow closure, no water hammer impacting.
4)High sensitivity, safe pressure discharge.
5)Stable operation, no noise.

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