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Pressure Reducing Valve E Type



Material:Brass,Copper Alloy Size:2 1/2" Working pressure:20bar Max.Inlet Pressure:20 bar Factory Pre-Set Pressure:7 bar Test pressure: 30bar Delivery Time:15days~30days



Detailed introduction

 Pressure Reducing Valve E Type

E type pressure reducing valve is a type of pressure regulating hydrant valve. These valves are available with flanged inlet or screwed inlet and are manufactured to comply to BS 5041 Part 1 standard with delivery hose connection and blank cap complying with BS 336:2010
standard. The landing valves are classified under low pressure and are suitable for use at nominal inlet pressure up to 20 bars. The internal casting finishes of every valve is of high quality ensuring a low flow restriction that meets the standard’s water flow test requirement.

Key Specificatoins:
●Inlet: 2.5”BSPT
●Outlet:2.5” female BS instantaneous
●Working pressure:20bar
●Reduced outlet static pressure can be set form 5bar to 8bar
●Outlet pressure remain constant with inlet pressure range from 7bar to 20bar
●Test pressure: Body test at 30bar
●Minimum flowrate up to 1400L/M

Application :
Pressure reducing valves are suitable for both on-shore and off-shore fire protection applications and suitable for installation on wet risers for firefighting. These valves are generally used with permanently charged water from a pressurized supply with water and accordingly mounted in fire hydrant systems at Internal or External places.

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